Mission Statement

The primary mission of the California Japanese American Community Leadership Council is to pro-actively and collectively address the challenges, changes, and issues affecting the Japanese American community by promoting and coordinating a statewide network and developing strategic statewide/regional partnerships which strengthen our communities.

The principle goals of the Council are twofold:To collectively address statewide concerns and issues affecting the Japanese American community by:

  • Developing strategic strategies which address the issues and needs of leadership development, economic opportunities, and cultural preservation within the Japanese American community.
  • Working toward the full empowerment of the Japanese American community and improved relations with other ethnic minority groups.
  • Embracing and working toward the full inclusion of all individuals and organizations working toward the betterment of the Japanese American community, its cultural heritage, its multi-ethnic identity, and its historic preservation.
  • Advocating and fostering the development and preservation of our historic Japantowns.

To promote statewide and regional collaboration, partnerships, and networking through community based non-profit organizations by:

  • Coordinating, developing, and supporting mechanisms which encourage statewide networking, communication, and shared resources amongst community based non-profit agencies, institutions, churches, business associations, student groups, and other related organizations within the Japanese American community.
  • Strengthening our Japanese American communities statewide by organizing community based non-profit agencies and Japanese/Japanese American business organizations.
  • Organizing a bi-annual National Nikkei conference.
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